Tips for cleaning and care

Thank you for choosing Delano. To enjoy the maximum pleasure from your new furniture, spend some time reading these essential instructions. The quality, durability, and performance of your Delano furniture depend mainly on your compliance with these maintenance instructions. Follow the instructions carefully.

  • Panel-based furniture is easy to care for and does not require special maintenance. It is an easily cleaned household item that can be maintained by wiping over with a dry or damp soft clean cloth.
  • Dust can be easily removed using a dry or damp soft clean cloth. To keep your furniture clean, we recommend dusting frequently.
  • Spillages must be cleaned or removed immediately with a dry or damp soft clean cloth. Ensure no liquid or spillages of any kind are left unattended on surfaces and any part of the furniture. This may shorten the product life span.
  • The product is sensitive to liquids. Normal resistance is a few minutes, but if water is left on the furniture’s surface for a long time, it will result in absorption and expansion of the furniture.
  • Hot objects must not be placed on the surface, resulting in the warp, distortion, discoloration, and total damage to the furniture.
  • To maintain the color of the furniture, avoid direct sunlight as sunlight causes fading. Never place your furniture close to any wet areas and avoid highly humid environments. To prevent degradation of your furniture, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off excess humidity.
  • Protect the surfaces from scratches. Lift and place objects rather than dragging them across the furniture surface. Use pads, cloth, and felt to protect the furniture surface from plastic, rubber, hot dishes, beverages, bookends, flowerpots, vases, etc. When writing with a ballpoint pen on the furniture surface, use a protective pad.
  • The following cleaning agents should not be used:
    • Scouring and abrasive agents (abrasive powders, scourers, steel wool)
    • Polish, washing powder, furniture cleaner, or bleach
    • Detergent with strong acids and acidic salts
    • Steam cleaning equipment
    • Never use substances that leave traces (waxes or oils, for instance)

Tips for assembling knock-down furniture

Our ready-to-assemble furniture is designed for easy assembly and is portable enough to be picked up and loaded in the car yourself, saving on delivery costs.

Our packaged flat products are complete with clear and easy-to-follow instruction manuals. However, these extra tips are helpful for hassle-free installation should you need further instructions on assembling your knock-down furniture.

  • Determine beforehand if you will need another set of hands to help you in the assembling process as the product weight itself may require the strength of more than one person.
  • Designate an area that is sufficient for unpacking and maneuvering the pre-assembled pieces. The loose parts will need to be laid out over a wide work area, so be sure you have enough elbow room. You will also need to know where you want to put the new furniture, so assemble it near to the intended area where it will be placed in use.
  • Advise the members of your household that a furniture assembly is ongoing. This means toddlers and pets need to be kept away from the construction area. And everyone involved must know where the first-aid kit is located.
  • To protect your floor, lay the cardboard flat on the ground and provide cushioning for the loose pieces during the assembly. Start unpacking the box and check all the parts before you start assembling the furniture.
  • Spread out all the furniture pieces and accompanying fittings. Identify all the parts correctly by referring to the assembly manuals. Be sure you have everything you need before you start the assembly.
  • Follow the instructions carefully. No matter how simple the furniture looks, it helps to read the instructions for the assembly sequence. Be careful not to over-tighten any fittings as this may damage the product. Do not stand on the product. Do not use the product as a stepladder.
  • We advise that you periodically check all the fittings and re-tighten them as necessary to prolong your furniture’s lifespan.
  • To ensure the furniture is always in good condition, do not drag or pull the furniture as this may cause damage if not properly handled.